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BMedSciHons in Nutrition and Dietetics – 2014 graduates

Anri Horne

Candy Jacobs

Gabi Lasker

Nuraan Martin

Lindi Mpala

Mukondeleli  Mukhodobwane

Hanneke Potgieter

Chris Rabie

Rael Sanzul

Tamar Schlimper

Anel Schoonees

Kailey van Heerden

BMedSciHons in Nutrition and Dietetics – 2013 graduates

Jenna Bowes

Michelle Huang

Christel Kimoto

Mikateko Maluleke

Deborah Mee - PPD in Cape Town

Samantha Mukansi -

Jessica Oosthuizen

Bongekile Qwabe -

Anina Steenkamp

Ashleigh Tennier

Shana Terhart - PPD in Cape Town

Amanda Williams - Masters Student

Chanté van Niekerk

Inge van Rooyen

BSc (Med) (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics – 2012 graduates

Fahima Adam

Tasneem Ahmed

Justin Blanchard

Gabriella Burbaitzky

Stewart Cardis

Tasneem Johnson

Faye Muhl

Lindsay Pollard

Carla Pool

Magdelie Theron

Kudzai Vere

Simon Wallis

Nicola Walters

Helene Wittmann

BSc (Med) (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics -2011 graduates

Sarah Batchelor - Private Practice, Cape Town

Jae Braun - Private Practice & Discovery Consultant, Cape Town

Loiuse Clamp

Nicola Cooper

Nimtaz Giga

Tarin Hanekom

Saleemah Jaffer

Hilit Milner

Corne Muller

Adrian Penzhorn - Private Practice in Constantiaberg, Cape Town

Keren Robertson

Liesl Silbernagl - Dietitian NHS, UK

Michelle Tolmay

BSc (Med) (Hon) in Nutrition and Dietetics -2010 graduates

Karen Ammann - Dietitian NHS, UK

Aneshree Arumugam - Medical Representative, Cape Town

Catherine Clark - Lecturer and private practice in Constantia, Cape Town

Susan Cooley-Maree - Dietitian at Red Cross Hospital, Cape Town

Bridget Hill - Medical Representative at Future Life, Cape Town

Megan Houghton - Dietitian NHS, UK

Nicole Miller - Dietitian and Medical Student at Wits, Johannesburg

Alex Royal - Dietitian at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town

Ashleigh Smith - Dietitian at CHOW, Durban

Megan Stone - Private Practice in Ixopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Mignon van der Merwe - Hospital Dietitian, Upington, Northern Cape

Stefan van der Merwe - Private Practice, Durban

Lindsay van Velden - Dietitian, Australia

BSc (Med) (Hon) in Nutrition and Dietetics -2009 graduates

Nadia Arieff - Dietitian at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town

Lenelle de Lange

Christiane Delius

Lucy Eastman

Keegan Eichstadt - Dietitian Unilever

Stacey Heyink

Tamzyn Murphy - Dietitian, Cape Town

Alexandra Kirkman - Dietitian at Prime Human Performance Institute, Johannesburg

Lauren Lifson

Monique Tredoux

BSc (Med) (Hon) in Nutrition and Dietetics -2008 graduates

Jessica Bacon - Dietitian, Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, Cape Town

Fadeelah Davids

Magmoeda Karriem

Naderssen Palian


Graduates 2002-2008

Carien Meyer

Sandi Van Zyl

Terry del Fabbro

Kerry Heggie

Kerry Sexton

Kerry Bluett

Madijane Philisiwe

Melanie Klotnik

Anthony Hehir

David Bloom

Marieke Dreyer

Kim Hofmeyer

Sarah Donald

Elizabeth Smith

Rowena Curr

 Linda Dell

Preethi Mistri

Brindy Welker

Marian Acker

Anne Anderson 

Deborah Dixon

Dani Raad

Marie Macgregor 

Carey Maine

Katie Perira 

Lila Bruk 

Lee Jaffe 

Ronit Cohen 

Tamlyn Lippiatt-Moll

Linia Patel

Jeanne Cussen

Sarah Chantler

Erika Ketterer

Timira Naiker

Harlan Van Wyk

Tina Lee

Heather Harmsen

Nicole Bekker

Carla Chait

Jessie Chen

Annalie de Villiers

Lauri Fine

Samantha Hentze

Elienne Horwitz

Kelly Lynch

Hafsa Mohammed

Cristen McLintock

Erna Morden

Kelly Schreuder

Lauren Bennet

Deidre van der Lith

Niki Urquhart

Jordana Smith

Nadia Hoberg

Amy Ebedes

Abrie Eksteen

Jocelyn Wood

Caroline Storm

Joanna Wilson

Oryka Musakwa

Sandra MacPhail

Tani Lombard

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Feedback from our graduates:

From Alex Royale: Graduate 2010

“The UCT honour's course is brilliant as it condenses 4 years into 2. You get to learn in-depth detail on every aspect of Dietetics from Clinical to Food Service Management, which will allow you to find your niche. The lecturers are very experienced in their field and pass on a lot of valuable knowledge. It is important to note that this is a very intense course, which requires complete dedication and commitment. If this is something that you are motivated to do as a career this is an ideal course.”

From Mignon van der Merwe: Graduate 2010

“The most important lesson I have learnt from UCT is - 'NEVER ASSUME'. I use it every day!”

From Catherine Clark: Graduate 2010

“I truly appreciate the quality of training that I received at UCT. Being thrown in the deep end in my community service year really showed me that the UCT dietetics program is top notch. The program, although challenging in every aspect prepared me well for the professional world.”