What is the UCT BMedSciHons (Nutrition & Dietetics) course?

The BSc (Medical) (Honours) Nutrition and Dietetics that is offered by UCT is unique as it is the only postgraduate course in South Africa that enables students who have graduated from 3 year BSc (majoring in physiology is a key requirement for the program) degree to study to become a dietitian in 2 years instead of the 4 year program which is offered by other universities.

Who is eligible for the UCT BMedSciHons (Nutrition & Dietetics) course?

Graduates from a 3 year Bachelor of Science undergraduate course who major in physiology are eligible to apply. However, there is no guarantee that if you do apply for the course that you will be accepted as the program only accepts a maximum of 16 students each year. It is therefore still advisable that if you do know from an early stage that you would like to study dietetics that you apply for the 4 year program instead.

Is part-time study available at UCT?

The 2 year BSc (Medical) (Honours) Nutrition and Dietetics course can only be done on a full time basis only.

Is it difficult to do a 4 year degree in 2 years?

The course is most certainly challenging therefore anyone wanting to apply for the course must be committed as it is a demanding program with a large workload. Time and stress management are the keys to success on the course.

How can I apply?

Application forms can be found on the following website: